I got the chance to visit Sew LA this week which is on the trendy Silver Lake Blvd in, you guessed it, LA! It’s a pretty lovely tree lined street,  shabby in a hippy cool kind of way. The store was beautiful – a sewer’s paradise. I had my children with me and the lovely shop assistant didn’t even flinch (they were clean, were carrying no snacks, no drinks and were informed by me, NOT TO TOUCH A SINGLE THING) and in fact was very welcoming and entertained them while I browsed. They have lots and lots of Japanese fabrics – especially the Echino line which I am really into right now. The linen/cotton blend is a great weight for making bags. I was careful not to hang around too long and push my luck (I want to be allowed back into this place) so before the kids could ruin anything I made some quick choices, bought a couple of yards of this and that, and got out of there. They also do classes and private instruction for all sewing levels, which I will remember for when my life isn’t as busy as it already is. They have quite a stock of fabrics (Nani Iro, Alexander Henry, Amy Butler, Heather Ross…) to say nothing of the patterns, tools, supplies and sewing machines.

Speaking of sewing machines, as I was driving to Sew LA I spotted an old sewing machine on the sidewalk outside someone’s house. Here in Orange County, if something is discarded and left on the sidewalk it means that that item is for the taking. I hope that’s what it means in LA. Because I took it.* It’s pretty wet and stinky (we’ve had ALOT of rain here this last week and I’m pretty sure this machine got to experience it, first hand) but it’s very handsome. It even has a plug and a pedal. I think I’ll let it dry out before I plug it in.
I do love LA.

*If you are the owner and you think I might have stolen your sewing machine please let me know and I will return it to you.


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